The [Ninja Turtles] henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady have hijacked the musical genres for us just like the Lone Ranger hijacked the William Tell Overture for our parents.

- xkcd

Friday, December 30, 2005

Day 4 of TiVo Watch

[Update 12/30/2005 6:30 PM]

The TiVo has arrived ... too bad I don't have a ph
one line to activate it yet. Stupid TiVo!

Oh well, I'll figure something out.

[Update 12/30/2005 2:46 PM]

Ok, I spoke with my brother yesterday and he said that the package was shipped via Parcel Post. Doing some quick recon on the USPS web site (and their rate calculator), I can see that they estimate an 8 day transit time for the TiVo.

I know it shipped out last Monday morning. That would mean that this Thursday would have been the earliest that it would have arrived (with Monday having been a holiday).

Hopefully, it's safe in its journey and will arrive to its loving home soon.

[Original Post]

As we enter Day 4 of TiVo Watch, I find myself becoming more and more accustomed to waiting for the TiVo and less and less thinking about whether the TiVo will arrive. When it does get here now, it will seem quite serendipitous and out of the blue.

I've learned to start coping with the waiting by stealing my roommates Netflix DVD's and watching those. Of course, it doesn't help when he rents movies like The Punisher (not because it's bad, but because I've already seen it--twice).

I did manage to catch a rather funny film by Michael Showalter though. He was in The State and Stella (which was on Comedy Central this summer). The movie is called The Baxter and is essentially a tale about the other guy in romantic comedies. You know, the one that always gets dumped when she finds her one true love at the end. It's got an excellent cast, a good soundtrack, and a clever premise. It's very well executed and quite enjoyable. I recommend you check it out. Well, either that or an excellent movie like The Thunderbirds ... that's good to.

Anyway, back to waiting for the TiVo.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Waiting Will Kill You

[Update: 12/28/2005, 10:28 PM EST]

Still no TiVo. I am really hoping my neighbors didn't steal it. I didn't get any mail at all today though, so maybe the mail carrier was just being lazy.

Hmmm, to read this post and its updates is slowly watching my descent into madness.

[Update: 12/28/2005, 10:30 AM EST]

No TiVo yet. Why do you hate me post office and mail carrier?

[Original Post]

No, this isn't about my impending visit to see Butterstick. Instead, it's waiting for a recently shipped package. During my trip home for Christmas--Christmas Eve to be exact--I was informed by my brother that I will now be the proud owner of a TiVo.

Needless to say, I was speechless. Hopefully the goofy grin I had on my face expressed how awesome of a gift it was.

Read full post

It is unfortunate that I was only able to come up with a gift that was quite pedestrian (a CD and a couple of DVD's ... one of which he already had). I've got 6 months to come up with something cool for his birthday.

As I said earlier though, I will be the owner of a TiVo. You see my brother (quite wisely I now believe after an earlier luggage mishap) decided to ship my gift to my apartment at home instead of bringing it across numerous state lines to my grandparents only to have me lug it across numerous state lines back home (on an airplane). So I will be getting a TiVo, that is, when it gets delivered. And with that knowledge, the worrying began.

Let me state first about things getting shipped, that I'm horrible about it. If there is an online order status page, I'll check it compulsively. Waiting for things that I know should be coming drives me insane.

To exacerbate the situation though, it came out in a conversation that my brother didn't put my apartment number on the package. I don't think this should really be a problem, there are only 7 apartments at my address and I get plenty of other mail. But still, I'm now stressing out that they won't deliver it. Add to the fact that I've seen delivered packages sitting in front of my neighbors' doors for days at a time and I get afraid that someone has stolen the package after it was delivered.

I mean, I also know that the package has been insured so, if in case it doesn't come in the next couple days, we can inquire with the post office and hopefully my brother can get reimbursed for it. Once he has cash in hand we can quickly begin the quest to acquire another TiVo.

Until then though, I get to sit in my office at work and wait. And wait. And wait ....

While doing this, this should be great. I'll be able to TiVo all the shows I've been missing by spending time at the gym. I'm so excited!

Now I just have to figure out how to keep my roommate from using it ...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

TheY Just Want(s)To Help

So I've been spending a fair amount of time at the gym lately. Unfortunately for me, I don't have the money to hang out at one of those 'fancy' gyms. Instead, I spend my time at the YMCA. It's actually not a bad place ... besides being a little cramped. And I've been going there long enough that I actually know people.

Still, it's not without its quirks. Something that I really enjoy though, is a nice collection of ridiculously positive messages they put up for the teenagers who play basketball there or something.

I've included two with this post. Sorry about the quality though, the camera on my Motorola phone is ridiculously bad.

The first has a picture of two high school aged basketball players walking into a room with some kids sitting at a round table and writing. Underneath it says, "Responsibility: Doing What's Right." From the picture, I'm not sure what that means. I don't know why having a guy who is obviously much older and wearing basketball gear sitting at a table with children is an example of "Responsibility" but OK, we'll go with it.

The second picture is of a mom or teacher with a bunch of kids at a hospital visiting another sick child. Underneath it says, "Caring Feels Good." This one's a little straight forward. Still, I don't know exactly what they're saying we should be doing. Going to the hospital and spending time with children? Taking random children to the hospital with us and visiting other sick children? It's just not really clear to me.

I still think there is a valuable lesson in these images though. I don't know what it is, but I do believe it's in there somewhere. There are more sprinkled throughout the Y so if I have time in the future I might try to snap a few more pictures.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Anticipating the 'Stick

Hey, sorry for the incredibly long break between posts. I've been busy with work and all that. Actually, they got all new equipment and free weights at the gym so I spent a month wandering around disorientedly. Just recently have I managed to escape and begin to once again post on the WRN blog.

Anyway, this time of year it's usual for people to anticipate the upcoming holidays, be it Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or whatever other holiday I'm not aware of. Often I would feel the same way. Not this year though. At least not as of 6 PM today. That's when I officially reserved tickets to go see Butterstick at the National Zoo.

The tickets are only good for 10 minutes and there is no guarantee that the 'Stick will be out. Still, the hope that I may get to see this cute little ball of fuzz romping around is enough to get me psyched. I'll definitely be bringing my camera and maybe I'll be able to capture a little movie of Butterstick scampering about.

Until then, I guess I'll just have to get my panda fix from some of these pictures here.

Still, the countdown to Jan. 6, 2006 has begun. Hopefully Panda Day '06 will end in success.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Shame on Yosef

I am coming to the realization that THYCWOTI may be immune to the more conventional "weapons of cute." However, I think I may have found a new way to defeat him, namely by causing him to turn into a quivering pool of saliva as he thinks of the many forms of pork he has not yet sampled.

So, Yosef claims to be the "master of pork."* He has expounded on pork and BBQ numerous times. Yet he has never before made public this site, or more particularly, this post which accomplishes the holy grail of all foodstuffs -- deep fried bacon.

If that's not fancy enough for you, here's a recipe for deep-fried bacon-wrapped oysters. That's right.

*I don't think I've ever heard Yosef actually claim this title

So, Yosef, explain why you have been silent on these issues? The clock is ticking...

UPDATE: 2 hours later and nothing but crickets! I think it is past time he is put under surveillance

Friday, December 16, 2005

Phrases that make nerds giggle

These are tested in my lab but I think the results are fairly universal.

1) Valence shell -- Humourous context: What if M&M's replaced their candy shell with a valence shell

2) n=1 -- Humourous context: I had a hard time finding parking here but that's with n=1.

3) aliquot -- Humorous context: I wanted to properly aliquot this green tea (real life source, Pinko Punko)

More promises I'll probably fail to fulfill next week:
NERD graph
crushing Yosef's spirit
philosophy update

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Days Late and Dollars Short

The 3Bulls have decided to fight back (only about a week late) but the resistance is too feeble to even credit them with the title of "insurgents."

Oh look, I found a picture of a scary man-whore on the internet and I'll pretend it's somebody else. That's so original. I can't even imagine any respectable organization doing that!

Look, I'm not so foolish as to claim I know Yosef's external appearance -- I realize it doesn't matter. However, I believe his internal THYCWOTI status could be physically represented by this:

At first you see the teeth and are worried but then you realize it's just a sneeze. A little more observation reveals him to be a poor lost kitty.

So what happened to him? After all, he used to have a future almost as bright as VBen? Was it the Harvard rejection letter? Dr. Adams got his professorship at UNC-Wilmington? Or some even more dastardly plot by those neo-liberals and their subliminal control of ALL three branches of gov't (yes, even more nefarious now that it would appear they are controlled by God fearing Republicans)?

My current operating theory -- innocent young Yosef was corrupted by that dastardly Pinko Punko.

This one may be too much for those innocent eyes -- so click for the rest

At first, you can't decide what to think: cute or disgusting?

Closer observation reveals the evil intent that lies behind that possibly cute exterior...

So it's easy to understand how poor Yosef got sucked into that web of lies.

In my position as WRN1, self-appointed nerd potentate, we've already offered to settle this mano-a-mano. Yosef, we can even provide an alternate East Coast venue -- you, Chuckles, and Nachos (if he still lives or perhaps even ZombieNacho) split the difference somewhere in VA -- while the rest of us congregate at the base of O'Reilly-approved terrorist target #1, Coit Tower.

Until then, I offer this as a truce...overwhelming amounts of cute that surely require 24 hours before you can be mean again:

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Weblog Awards: British loophole?

Emerald Bile

In my never-ending [ed note: since it never technically started, we will allow it] quest to explore the boundaries between profanity and sexual empowerment I submit the above site (and sight) for your perusal. In that vein, note that GC might have a stroke if she read it. Kind of like the rude pundit only concerned with a lot pettier things (see holiday decorations post here)

Google image #1 emerald bile hit below and I'd say they are pretty much the anti-stylophone.

Also, any information on what a stylophone actually does is welcome
(note: I have already realized it is some bizarro electronic xylophone, thanks)

Vote below, as apparently my sense of humor vs. awareness of underlying disgustingness is apparently not always properly attuned -- though I do at least have the brains to realize Howard Stern is just dumb, not funny.

On the suggestion of someone...

I have heard that Pinko Punko bears more resemblance to one of these benighted creatures...

Fulsome edit and UPDATE: OK, enough with the petty threats. If you wimpy liberals want to prove your worth we'll do it the old fashioned way...on the stroke of midnight, on the eve of the New Year with bands and parties and massive quantities of alcohol. Last one standing claims the prize...

First to pass out will probably have goat horns in permanent marker drawn on his/her face.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I found a picture of PP and Yosef!

Hey! Look! It is Pinko Punko getting sucked off by Yosef!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Music Feature

The Random 10 has just about run it's course. I can't seem to get it to avoid five bands showing up every week and my computer is new enough it doesn't have the esoteric/embarrassing stuff that makes it such a gem.

Instead, I hereby premiere a new feature, far superior to blogjams (from those reprehensible Horny Cows) where I attempt to describe and discuss one new (to me, at least) band.

This week's selection is

The Pale Pacific

I saw them at Bottom of the Hill last Thursday, opening for The Wrens (who I won't elaborate on because it is presumed everyone knows their awesomeness).

The Pale Pacific is actually not quite to my taste. They sound a fair amount like Death Cab for Cutie. They are from Seattle and make very nice, melodic indie pop. They have a dash of emo, but in a good way, namely that their songs tend to contain a fair amount of emotion. They have solid production values on the record and they sounded well rehearsed live. Actually, they were quite the surprise for the first of three bands.

At any rate, they have an external music player on their website which I recommend you give a whirl. I pretty much expect Pinko to love them and I want to hear Pop Ren's verdict as the practicing musician.

Ask for further details or provide your take on the matter in comments.

3Bulls: All Talk, No Action

So, perhaps I haven't posted for a while -- but I have left the house.

Meanwhile, over at the land of the bulls and the home of the foolish, they talk and talk and talk but other than Gregor's one documented trip into the wild, we have no evidence that they actually leave their computers.

Also, a rare insight into some personal communication from "the bull with horns," Pinko Punko:

"Yeah, I need to post an organizational post about our get together." This was 4 days ago, in the interim -- actually, just the last 24 hours -- he's found time for this, this, this, this, and this. And I'll spare you the pain and anguish that are his comments spattered throughout the blogosphere like so many pigeon droppings.

Would it hurt so much to recall when I was told (in September, no less) of a mystery location for Italian Beef. Now, poor Pop Ren has a show next month. Will he get stood up too?

Let the cobag watch begin!

UPDATE: I'm back and I need traffic. I guess it's time for a blogwar! Prepare to be boarded, 3B! And yes, those Take5 are worthless against us! Unfortunately, we're low on kitties here so let's just hope they don't find out!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Great Expectations

Yes, I realize no one has any. Yes, I realize I haven't posted anything for a month.

No, I'm not providing any lame excuses because what's there to excuse.

At any rate, I'm back and I will try and get some actual content posts up over this weekend.

Oh, and since these kind of posts seem to be more favorably looked upon when they include random links...try these on for size:

Crooked Timber gives Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell way too much credit here.

The Adorable Girl who apparently is "somebody's (plural?)" friend totally misunderestimates this website. I think it's because she's a girl and could never truly hack it at Beer Pong. I will try and write him up to submit to the 3Bulls! Inc. webAwards (humor?). Although, nothing can ever take the place of super nerd and biggest waste of internet time that is many loser friends have sent me there? too frikkin many

Finally, let us never forget the glory that is one of the truly great blogging pseudonyms, Philosoraptor.

Also, The Wrens rocked live and Pinko and everyone else that couldn't be bothered to go...Co-fucking-bags.

UPATE: I'm spellchecking this post and the dictionary doesn't know the word blogging. WTF?