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Friday, December 09, 2005

Friday Music Feature

The Random 10 has just about run it's course. I can't seem to get it to avoid five bands showing up every week and my computer is new enough it doesn't have the esoteric/embarrassing stuff that makes it such a gem.

Instead, I hereby premiere a new feature, far superior to blogjams (from those reprehensible Horny Cows) where I attempt to describe and discuss one new (to me, at least) band.

This week's selection is

The Pale Pacific

I saw them at Bottom of the Hill last Thursday, opening for The Wrens (who I won't elaborate on because it is presumed everyone knows their awesomeness).

The Pale Pacific is actually not quite to my taste. They sound a fair amount like Death Cab for Cutie. They are from Seattle and make very nice, melodic indie pop. They have a dash of emo, but in a good way, namely that their songs tend to contain a fair amount of emotion. They have solid production values on the record and they sounded well rehearsed live. Actually, they were quite the surprise for the first of three bands.

At any rate, they have an external music player on their website which I recommend you give a whirl. I pretty much expect Pinko to love them and I want to hear Pop Ren's verdict as the practicing musician.

Ask for further details or provide your take on the matter in comments.


At 12/10/2005 12:36 AM, Blogger Pinko Punko said...

Sounds like Okkervil River. They are actually pretty good. fulsome, do internet radio for random 10. come on. OK, when can we do Run to the Beef. What's your sched?

At 12/10/2005 7:39 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

PISSANT! How about on the 30th?

At 12/13/2005 2:03 PM, Blogger pop renaissance said...

i've GOTTA check these dudes out.

oh, and i tried this week - what a pile of SHIT.

At 12/13/2005 5:44 PM, Blogger pop renaissance said...

hey - this is pretty good! i'm pretty harsh on new bands, but this is pleasant as all hell.


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