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Friday, February 09, 2007

Mooninites Claim First Victim. Are You Next?

I was reading MSNBC today when I saw this article. Apparently Jim Samples, the head of Cartoon Network, resigned because the city of Boston is insane. I think I'll let AG and UC take responsibility for this one.

I find it interesting that he didn't resign until after it was clear that ratings for the show didn't significantly improve. I think if they'd found that a million more people watched the show because of this then he probably wouldn't have resigned.

I never really understand this kind of thing though. No one really hardly even cares about this story anymore so why have the guy quit? So some marketing was misinterpreted by people not familiar with the show, why do you need to get rid of a guy?

Was this really just standard corporate backstabbing that led to this? Someone looking to take his place or someone who wasn't a fan of some of the Adult Swim content maybe manipulated the Warner Bros. board into pressuring him to resign.

Besides this one incident (that is completely ridiculous), he did a great job with Cartoon Network and now the guy is gone. Who knows how the next head is going to treat Adult Swim. Corporations need to actually do something worthwhile sometimes, like not forcing people into resignations for over-reactions.

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At 2/09/2007 8:30 PM, Blogger mdhatter said...

Maybe Tucker Carlson called his boss.

I wish John Edwards ran Viacom.

At 2/10/2007 6:52 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

I wish John Edward ran everything.

At 2/10/2007 2:54 PM, Blogger fulsome said...

And besides, I thought Adult Swim was technically a different channel. This whole thing is screwy.

Can't we just call 'shenanigans' and move on from this?

At 2/10/2007 3:02 PM, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

In point of fact, kids, I have a teenage patron who really loves anime, and, as an extension, drawing. What do you think: should I or should I not put her in charge of an art program at my branch?

PS you're right of course: Anyone who can claim Genndy Tartakovsky is perfect in my book...

At 2/10/2007 9:39 PM, Blogger mdhatter said...

yes, you should, but you should limit the crotch and boobie shots so overworked in some anime.


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