The [Ninja Turtles] henchmen Bebop and Rocksteady have hijacked the musical genres for us just like the Lone Ranger hijacked the William Tell Overture for our parents.

- xkcd

Sunday, August 13, 2006

O Dear Heavenly and Unmericful God, why has thou forsaken us?

Seriously. Why? Why God? Why?

I pray that I will die quickly and painfully.


At 8/13/2006 10:16 PM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

well, it'll be CG ... so that means it'll me awesome.

Dragonlance books are the best.

At 8/14/2006 7:17 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

Judging from the concept pictures, I am not convinced that it will be CG. Low budget CG looks way worse than low budget animation.

At 8/14/2006 7:57 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

I just say that because everyone on IMDB was credited as a voice.

At 8/14/2006 9:35 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

Oh yeah, it is all voice, all the way.

At 8/15/2006 10:12 AM, Blogger teh l4m3 said...

One of those voices being that of Harriet the Spy/Dawn Summers. Ah ha ha, Dragonlance... Jesus Christ.

But you never know. Could be the new Dark Crystal.

At 8/15/2006 10:16 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

Could be the new ASS CRYSTAL!



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