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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Note About the Lack of Updates

As AG helpfully points out, there is a distinct lack of updates here on the ol' Very Hoop-Like Geeks site. Primarily due to the fact that Chuckles now has a second job AND WoW, fulsome's trying to keep his company from crashing and burning, and I'm swamped with work at mine since another programmer just quit and they're supposedly going to do a reorg so I've got to look like I'm getting stuff done.

There are plenty of topics for us to cover like the War on Christmas. A topic that showed much promise before it fell by the wayside by us time-taxed nerds.

When will this change? I have no idea. I'd like to write a post at some point, it's just hard to find the time it usually takes to write something that doesn't suck. I know that fulsome and myself will be traveling a fair amount as the holidays approach/pass and Chuckles, well, he'll keep playing WoW.

I'll try to do what I can to post updates but, honestly, it's more important to me that I make it to the gym occasionally than post updates here. So yeah, that's where it stands.

Maybe there will be updates but most likely not lots of them in the near future. Hey, that's what RSS feeds are for.



At 12/05/2006 8:44 AM, Anonymous Res Publica said...

I didn't know Chuckles had a second job. What do you do, Chuckles?

At 12/05/2006 10:14 AM, Blogger mdhatter said...

Well, get busy screwing up your real lives, and when you're done and properly unemployed, the blogosphere will still be here. Beckoning,

At 12/05/2006 1:51 PM, Blogger Chuckles said...

I rent out my brain during business hours and rent out my wang for the night shift. It has been places you would fear to tread, Res.

At 12/06/2006 9:57 AM, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

You think Chuckles kisses his mother with that mouth?

MDH, nicely said.

Love to dEn and Fulsome. Chuckie: hmmmph!


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