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Friday, July 14, 2006

Download TV Shows (Legally)

Hey, I just wanted to put up a post about how the new USA show Psych (it's on tonight at 10PM EDT) is on iTunes with the pilot episode is available for download FREE. Check it out HERE.

I even received verbal confirmation from fulsome last week that he enjoyed the show. It's got that one guy from Major League and that other guy from West Wing plus some other guy that I've never seen before.

Still, with the first episode at least, the jokes were funny and the premise kind of interesting. Plus, since you can watch it at your leisure and for free like this, why not give it a try.

If only they'd told me they were going to do this before I copied it off my TiVo and converted it to MPEG-4 myself.

Check it out!


At 7/16/2006 1:32 AM, Blogger mdhatter said...

But, i barely watch any of the stuff for free on my TV as it is.

I'd say I can't wait to see how the internet evolution of television will progress... but I can wait.

that guy from the west wing is pretty good, though.

At 7/17/2006 9:37 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...


At 7/17/2006 10:03 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

this show tastes like burning!

At 7/17/2006 10:04 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

Actually, I was kind of disappointed with this Friday's episode of Psych. But we'll have to see how it goes next week.


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