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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Screw it! I'm Puttin' It UP!

Ok, people, this is the new design ... I don't know if I consulted with enough people before putting it up but here you go.

This is the new design ... at least for now.

There may be some slight glitches and I did no testing on Safari so let me know if you have any problems. Otherwise, it should be Crunch Wrap Supreme.

Anyway, give me some feedback on the site below, otherwise I won't know if you appreciate my work.


It seems that on IE, images that are aligned to the left or right in a post don't show up ... I'll be working on that. Oops.

It seems to be working more on IE now, I don't know what the exact issue is. It has something to do with the boxing in IE CSS. I've got a work around in place to get it 90% working and I'm sure I'll get the exact problem figured out eventually ...


At 7/26/2006 6:20 AM, Anonymous fulsome said...

I like it overall. I might change the font for the sidebar but the colors look good and I like our new quotemaster...

At 7/26/2006 6:49 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

What don't you like about the side fonts?

The header font or the list item/link font?

It's just kind of hard finding a font that doesn't suck.

There are a couple little things that I see pop up sometimes that I'm still trying to deal with, but in all I'm pretty happy with it.

At 7/26/2006 7:09 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

The quotemaster plus unicorns really does it for me.

I need a raise so I can take classes in(or buy books on) web design, German and French. I don't know what language has to do with anything, but cursing in German makes you sound even more hard core than using British curse words.

At 7/26/2006 7:36 AM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

Yeah, I just fixed some of the lingering link color issues, clicking on the WRN up top will now take you back to the main page, and my favorite: every post title is now clickable to take you to the story/comments.

At 7/26/2006 12:11 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

I think it looks great! (two thumbs up to those who know html!)

At 7/26/2006 4:41 PM, Blogger mdhatter said...

the site is lookin' good

and, for the sidebar, it's aluminium foil, not tin foil.

and what is up with that?

At 7/27/2006 6:22 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

Colloquial english is better than the written word, BYAAAAAAH!!!!

I just watched the lost episodes of the Chappelle Show.

At 7/27/2006 4:02 PM, Anonymous Adorable Girlfriend said...

I heart, heart, heart it!

Nice work, dEn. You guys really have a spiffy blog now. And who knows, maybe Fullie will actually participate again.

At 7/27/2006 6:02 PM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

yeah, I was counting and apparently the last 21 posts have been by me.

I understand why fulsome isn't posting (busy with work and travel and whatnot) but hopefully we'll get some more annoying posts about music after he goes to Lollapalooza again this year.

He seems to love to talk about music.

Of course we both also supposed to be training for a marathon so that sucks up time as well.

At 7/28/2006 1:54 AM, Anonymous almostinfamous said...

oh my oh my.

Zoidberg! you're making my heart aflutter

At 8/01/2006 7:41 AM, Blogger Trebuchet said...

Chuckles! You really ARE a nerd!! And the unicorns really do it for me, too.

("I like... unicorns." -Dodgeball)


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