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Friday, September 16, 2005

Revolution Steps Into the Ring

Revolution ControllerI'm sorry that this post is going to push the Bush note down a notch but I just felt like I had to comment on this. After months of lame fakes by fanboys and vague statements by spokespeople, Nintendo finally revealed the controller for the Revolution (perhaps still just a code-name), their upcoming game system.

I have to say that I was a little confused at first. Looking at the picture, it's kind of misleading. I mean, it just looks like a remote control. How do you press the different buttons and stuff when you use it. There's this port on the bottom of the remote that allows you to connect in accessories (and get something rather nunchaku-eque). Still, it's hard to see why this weirdly shaped controller would be considered a revolution.

By reading some writeups online, I was able to gleen that the controller has rumble features and is actually tilt sensitve as well--allowing it to tell when you rotate it one way or another. That's pretty cool too, but still no revolution.

Then though, I watched this video.

Holy sweet mother of all that is good and right in the world. I am going to go out and say that this could in fact be a "revolution." I've always been a fan of videogames. I try to play when I have time but as I get older, I find that I have less time and what little time I do have is best spent not sitting in front of the TV and pressing little buttons. The ways this controller allows you to interact with games is limitless though.

Might Nintendo finally have distilled the ideas they put forth back with the original Nintendo Power Glove into a form that will lead to some awesome and innovative games? The Nintendo Revolution just went from the bottom of my list to nearly the top. Well played hand Nintendo, your move Sony and Microsoft.

Note to Sony, Microsoft: copying this controller and making your own would be a good first start.


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