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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Friday Musical Revue: Back in the Danger Zone

Let’s pretend it happened on Saturday to balance those bastards at 3 Bulls for their Thursday travesty.

1. The Russian Futurists – Paul Simon: Everybody loves some happy little keyboard synthy music. A nifty little whistle that reminds me a little bit of a Paul Simon song and the lyrics are out of my possession at the moment so I have no idea what the song’s actually about (7/10).
2. Rage Against the Machine + Tool – Know Your Enemy: Wow. Take that Pinko Punko, this is about the ultimate rock (in the "metal" sense) song, Corruption of Conformity and Iron Maiden be damned (9/10)
3. The Darkness – Friday Night: All I can say is that it seemed like a good idea at the time but that was clearly a mistake (1/10).
4. Beastie Boys – Sabrosa: On Ill Communication, this is an instrumental break that serves a purpose on the album but isn’t terribly interesting on its own (4/10)
5. Pearl Jam – Corduroy (live @ Champaign, 4/23/03): Can’t do this at home without at least one of these popping up. I do like this song alright but it’s nothing spectacular. (5/10)
6. The Hives – Fell in Love with a Girl: Scandinavian happiness! If this doesn’t make you wish that mosh pits were still widely accepted, you’re probably some shoegazer on the West Coast that I’m frickin’ surrounded by at every concert (8/10)
7. The White Stripes – I Can Learn: It’s a little slow and I suppose it’s almost sacrilegious not to like something off of White Blood Cells, but oh well (3/10)
8. Zack de la Rocha & DJ Shadow – March of Death: My brother made me get this song because he’s obsessed with RATM. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, in fact it’s kind of cool (7/10).
9. Pearl Jam – Rearview Mirror (live @ Chicago, 6/18/03): Unlike many PJ fans, this is the part of it that I like. Vs. and Vitology where they were flirting with the more punk aspects of the sound (7/10).
10. The Polyphonic Spree – La La: A fuller sound from their first album. I like them partly from some Tripping Daisy nostalgia and partly because I am a sucker for trying to add instrumentation to indie rock (7/10).

5.8 out of 10

Here’s my Bonus:

PJ Harvey and Bjork – Leaving on a Jet Plane: Eat your heart out! I claim these women in the face of internet nerds everywhere. Super awesomeness.


At 9/10/2005 3:51 PM, Blogger Pinko Punko said...

I kind of was into the Spree for awhile, but then they started to freak me out.

At least you realize how terrible the Darkness were/are. Pitchfork jizzed over them, and yet shat upon Andrew WK. I really feel those guys were mining the same territory, just one band liked Queen more, and the other guy, who knows.

I remember NME was fanning the flames of an Andrew WK/BRMC rivarly because they got shoved on some UK package tour together. Good times.

At 9/10/2005 4:46 PM, Blogger fulsome said...

Pitchfork fell under the spell of The Darkness? Wow, that's so lame. I knew the band was trouble but thought it kind of funny. Just the brazenness. I hope they were smart enough to walk away with some cash and maybe managed to get a label to pay them far too much for a never-to-be-released second album.

At 9/11/2005 10:25 AM, Blogger Pinko Punko said...

Their lead guy has a solo deal I think. That's what's crazy.

At 9/16/2005 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude, you agreed that PJ was mine!



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