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Monday, September 05, 2005

The War on Weather

I haven't said anything on the hurricane because, well, what exactly can I say. Hopefully we've all given some money by now and maybe it'll get people thinking about volunteering.

At any rate, Giblets on Fafblog, a key resource to keep rage from overwhelming me, manages to explain the next steps we need to take to keep Mother Nature from threatening again.

This is a Global War on Weather and like any successful war it can't be won on the defensive. If we spend all our time reacting to hurricanes instead of attacking them where they live, we will only embolden further hurricanes! The only language hurricanes understand is force - and possibly hurricanese, which is difficult to learn and involves the use of many glottal stops. We must fight nature where it lives so it can't fight us at home!

Let's roll!


At 9/06/2005 5:32 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

Apparently, New Orleans is pretty much destroyed. Oh, wait, sorry, most of the poorer slums of New Orleans have been flooded and thus destroyed. We can rebuild it! YAY! Just in time for the next big hurricane to destroy it again!. They're just poor people!

The thing that really gets me is the mentality of some people that live in hurricane that says, "I am not worried, the federal government will just rebuild my house again." It is different if you are living in a flood zone that has a government maintained dyke or levee(however that is spelled) that breaks due to shoddy standards and maintenance. Is it really wise for us to rebuild those houses in New Orleans on shitty, muddy soil and behind a retaining wall?


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