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Friday, September 02, 2005

Safe at Work, Friday 10

1. The New Pornographers - These Are the Fables: It's Neko's voice that makes us so happy here. Good stuff 8/10
2. RJD2 - Ghostwriter: Understated hip-hop with some cool intrumentals. Not quite Friday afternoon vibe but it's a chill song 7/10
3. Torpedo - Declare Despair: Franz Ferdinandish, dancy, rocky, a little skittering high hat. I like it so, 7/10.
4. Blur - Jubilee: This song has some zest and it just weird enough to be a great Blur song. This slight hint of reggae that I'm not sure how to justify (7/10).
5. The Neins - Blackbird Underwear: The name is almost better than the song. Think of a poor man's New Pornographer's but no magic Neko [I saw them open for AC Newman and they played a lot of the supporting instruments, so it's fairly true] (6/10).
6. The Dead Milkmen - Rastabilly: This song cracks me up. I won't try to explain because I would only fail but it still gets 8/10.
7. The Zutons - Moons and Horror Shows: Personally, I tend to like The Zutons best at their zestiest and this ain't it. Nevertheless, it's actally a good song because it's almost country yet it is still very British (5/10)
8. Architecture in Helsinki - Tiny Paintings: It opens with a tuba, adds a simple keyboard melody, a guitar gracefully enters, and then some very Deerhoof-esque vocals. It's very restrained which is not an adjective I often employ to describe rock'n'roll and is thus interesting in that light. Not my favorite song off the album so 6/10
9. Throwing Muses - Buzz: Rawr! 7/10. Indie rock from the 90s with that Seattle sound. The plaid almost shows through but the lovely Kirten Hirsh makes it alright.
10. The Postal Service - Brand New Colony: I skipped this song earlier because I had already done The Postal Service last week, but it popped up again so I guess I can't avoid it. This song is super sweet too. Little video game background dots and then some ridiculously perfect lyrics. I so wish I could hate these songs but I just can't. 9/10

Disturbingly high 7/10. Hopefully someone will let me know why I'm wrong.


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