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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Information wants to be free!

ok, I know everyone talks about all the work that goes into creating content and blah blah blah but it should be standard practice by now that all peer-reviewed journals have PDF versions and that these be available free (I'll accept the possible 1 year delay for 'exclusivity' sake) but it's just ridiculous I can't get access to some of this stuff.

What a racket.

As you can tell, I was trying to follow up on some of the evolution and am stymied by reprints. My major success comes from professors putting their own publications online but it's a big hassle and not everyone bothers. So, if anyone has access to KK Smith's 2001 review on heterochrony I'd be much obliged. Otherwise, there will be a preponderance of MK Richardson's articles.


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