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Friday, May 19, 2006

Classic Films

In addition to the bad TV that I watch (see The Rockford Files, MacGyver, and Monk) I am also in the process of trying to watch all those old movies that people talk about but I've never actually seen.

The past couple weeks, my TiVo has been active recording movies off TCM. I recently got Citizen Kane, Dr. Strangelove, Network, the original Ransom, the original Lady Killers, and something else I can't think of now. I've seen Citizen Kane and Dr. Strangelove before but the other 3 I have not.

I also rented Tron and the French Connection last weekend. For some reason I through Tron had Jeff Daniels in it, not Jeff Bridges. Either way, it was enjoyable for its cheesiness if anything else. Coming up soon hopefully: Flash Gordon. The French Connection was actually pretty good. I didn't realize that it was based on a true story until after I saw it though.

Anyway, my recent obsession with old video to watch was recently given a boost when I got a box set of classic St. Louis Cardinals baseball games to watch. They include 4 games from that were before 1990. One of which has pitcher Bob Gibson's 17 strikeout World Series game. I've never seen some of these classic games so this should be a treat. Now to find the time to watch 3 hours of old baseball.

Also, I'm still looking for a video of Jim Edmonds' amazing catch when he was with the Angels. If anyone has any idea of where to find it, let me know.


At 5/19/2006 11:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tron wasn't cheesy. Tron was ahead of it's time. Tron was the internets Welcome Back Kotter, John Travolta, Pulp Fiction, coming out party.

At 5/20/2006 12:55 AM, Anonymous Pinko Punko said...

FLash Gordon isn't on DVD in the US, well it was but is out of print. There is a UK 25th anniversary edition. Total cheese, totally awesome.

"What do you mean 'Flash Gordon approaching'? OPEN FIRE! ALL WEAPONS!

At 5/20/2006 9:08 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

"I'm flying blind on a rocket cycle!"

Cue crazy bird men suicidal attack against Ming the Merciless led by Brian Blessed.

At 5/20/2006 7:03 PM, Blogger dontEATnachos said...

Yeah, I saw Flash Gordon once, long ago and I don't really remember much about it. All I know is that it was 110% cheese.

I actually ended up getting Escape from Alcatraz this weekend although I haven't watched it yet.

At 5/22/2006 5:48 AM, Blogger Chuckles said...

I haven't seen much but what I have seen I thought was alright.

I watched the documentary/fluff piece about the life and times of Dirty Harry. That was really interesting and it is on the DVD. The piecec talked about the violent movies of the seventies were really a reaction to the recession/depression and the lawlessness that seemed to be growing. The government also seemed largely incapable of either caring or doing anything about it. It was worth the twenty minutes.


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