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Thursday, September 01, 2005


Summary (for those playing at home):
This dialogue is set while Socrates is in prison, awaiting execution. Crito attempts to convince him it is better to escape than to die. Crito provides two main reasons Socrates should escape: 1) his sons will grow up without their father's guidance 2) Crito will appear not to care enough to help Socrates (45c-e).

Socrates refutes the second point by saying appearances don't matter, the truth matters (48a). He lumps the first point into the answer by saying that the children should have the example of a father who does right and not what's expedient (54a-b). So, the question he is willing to entertain is what is the right (or honorable) response.

Socrates debates the honorable response and determines that he must obey the law because he has lived within the state and accepted its laws for all of his life (51a-c). More telling, I think, is when he points out that to escape now, "at the time you made a noble show of indifference...and in fact preferred death, as you said, to banishment..." (52c). In the end, Socrates does not flee and convinces Crito he's right (or at least not willing to change his mind).

note: I'm falling asleep trying to finish this. I'll try to add my discussion tomorrow morning if I can.


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