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Friday, April 29, 2005

Stanford Biology short list

Here is a first pass through the Stanford graduate program. I probably need to try and re-examine the Medical side again but here goes (in alphabetical order):

Aldrich Lab: ion channels in all of their various forms

Bohannon Lab: microbiological ecosystems

Boxer Lab: understanding photosythesis (in terms of the photon) and how to make bi-lipid bilayers (terrificly important to the formation/preservation of all life as we know it)

Denny Lab*: biomechanics and coastal populations --> for some reason this lab has me all excited although it also sems the most random. But the kinds of things they are doing (examining how life survives pressures such as pressure, salt, dryness, etc.) seems to connect back to understanding life on other planets and all the challenges they face

Kool Lab*: besides the name, they synthesize and play with alternate DNA molecules (xDNA) and looks to connect well to alternate biology.

Kopiti Lab: Cellular QA and protein aggregation. Not quite as closely related it still looks at biological systems and dynamics in a broad way

Petrov Lab*: DNA repeats and maintenence. Connects to some work I did at UCSD and a better understanding of general cell function

Vitousek Lab: Hawai'i --> I obviously need a graduate program where I get regularly scheduled visits to Hawai'i, right? On a more serious note, lava and sea, localized communities and many other "extreme" conditions to think about.


Not too bad, I guess, to whittle down Stanford to eight labs. I starred my top three choices and hopefully I'll make contact with a few of these labs in a few weeks to get a little knowledge and such.

Two posts in one day! Huzzah. Maybe I'll make this stick after all


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