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Monday, April 25, 2005

more promises I'll probably fail

Alright, I updated my list of some other blogs and I'm just posting aq quick list of things that end up on my mind for the moment (...and a bit about my weekend).

1) China and censorship. Over at Peking Duck, they had an article and linked to danwei, a blog/website focused on Chinese media. There they were talking about how compartamentalized Chinese censorship is. For instance, we're allowed to talk about corruption and the problems the government has deciding what to do about the environment but you're not allowed to talk about censorship and human rights. Good points and always something to keep in mind when you read about China.

2) Bolton nomination. Now, obviously, I know very little about the subject firsthand but between The Washington Note and War and Piece I've managed to learn just how scary that moustache really is.

3) Grad School. I need to get on that horse so that I don't rush around at the last minute like I have the last two years. Plan: each month check out two grad schools in detail and contact 2 professors and read their papers. This might have extra blog benefits and will hopefully get me contacts and more informed graduate choices. May: Stanford and University of Washington. I know those programs have people doing stuff I like. Let's get in contact.

4) My weekend: I randomly ended up at this coffee shop, Maxfield's, by my girlfriend's place and they had a Sunday Jazzjam. It was fun and new people are welcome and they didn't have any trombones or trumpets. So maybe I should try and do some playing...and really maybe I should get one of those jazz blanks so that I can practice improvising to chords and rythym.

I know, I know, there is rarely any actual information. I'm going to try and let a few other people know about this again and maybe somebody else will talk.


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