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Friday, April 29, 2005

A little rock'n'roll

I went to see The Fiery Furnaces last night. It was a good show. The Fiery Furnaces are one of Pichfork's darlings and they even get a little radio play here on Live 105. Their live set is pretty intense. That's maybe an understatement, the live set is one gigantic song where they occasionally slow down to one instrument but there is about 45 minutes of continuous music. It was pretty impressive. Any excuse to use the phrase "rock opera" is a good one and they definitely provide that. My only complaint was I couldn't quite follow lead singer Eleanor Friedberger through some of her vocal phrasings. She would patter off a lot of things and just plow through in an almost spoken word style but somehow between the fuzz of the sound effect machine and the screaming guitar riffs her brother was providing they would get lost. Well, my other complaint is that I went by myself because the crowd was slow to get into the show (although the band waded right into the thick of things) and I really wanted some others to dance/jump around with during the show.

Plus, the drummer is like a graceful bird. Seriously, he spent at least 10 minutes drumming in what I can only approximate as "crane-style." Let me try to explain it this way -- we all know martial arts and when they go into one of the animal styles, right. Well, he would drum like that where he was making these exaggerated movements and really constraining his hands and it just gave me the same idea. On top of that, he would do some "air drumming" when you're in one of those moments where the drums drops out for 10-15 seconds to accentuate something and he would mimic the drum beat he could be playing and just otherwise ham it up. Hi-freaking-larious.

The other band I saw, Dios Malos (perhaps changing the name again), was alright but didn't blow me away. They do provide a decent dose of music and they played fairly interesting rock/pop but I think they've lost one of their original lineup and the new frontman was alright but didn't terribly impress me. Dunno. Anyways, they did fine as an opening act and it was nice to hear some live rock and they got the evening off to a decent start. (I missed The Herms who opened the show)

So that is my story from last night.


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