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Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I think I'm going to have to add an explicit China section to the blogroll. But here's a few things to check out that have caught my eye recently

1) Pundita -- foriegn policy from someone who sems to support the idea of a "bush Doctrine" (shudder) but seems quite intelligent and I have to respect anyone who can say

Yet economic development and free market capitalism are not fundamental to a strong society; the input of the people in the society is the fundamental factor. The Bush Doctrine implicitly recognizes this.

In typical Yankee tinkering fashion, the Bush administration has said in effect, "Whoops! Back to the drawing board! It's democracy, not economics."

I mean to say THAT about Bush who is generally someone I look at with the implicit understanding that decisions are made based on terror, economics, and finally common good. Not quite sure how to digest all of this just yet.

2) this one's for Ben (well, and I'd like to hope for me too someday) -- Chinese internet lingo

3) In-depth reporting on the village revolt story from the Washington Post. It's an eye-opener, I think.


At 8/09/2005 8:20 AM, Anonymous Chuckles said...

You need to be careful with Bush supporters. Sometimes they can sound nice and smart and well meaning, but they support a man who not legally elected the first time and may not have been the second and who is protecting his lawbreaking buddies. It can be hard to wonder why someone smart could trust Bush and so we wonder if maybe there is something we have missed. There are lots we don't know about the Bush administration, if we knew them I am sure that we would be calling for prosecution.


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