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Friday, August 12, 2005

Totally Irregular Friday Random 10

1. Blur: Badhead -- It get's 5 for being a Blur song but I can't give it any more than that because it's fairly generic. Mostly, it makes me wish it was "Charmless Man." 5/10
2. The Even: Shelter Two -- It's Ian McKaye gone all quiet. 4/10 today, more points on other days
3. The Dead Milkmen: Rastabilly -- This song cracks me up 8/10
4. Okkervil River: For Real -- Downloaded from Pitchfork; they're decent, stripped down, indie pop. 6/10
5. The Zutons: Long Time Coming -- get up out of your chair for that sax! Not their best song but fun 7/10
6. Kaiser Chiefs: Born to Be a Dancer -- sounds a lot better live, it's a little too slow to be great on the CD 3/10
7. The Wrens: 13 Months in 6 minutes -- a particularly slow one from them but I like them too much for it to be less than a 6/10
8. bang sugar bang: Super Cool -- Pretty good example of California pop-punk. 7/10 because I'm liking the rock today
9. Party Ben: Louis XIV vs Devo vs. The Knack -- it's a mash-up extrordinaire. Except I'm not terribly impressed. 2/10
10. Nedelle: The Natural Night -- Cool singer/songwriter from Oakland. 7/10 because I can

Overall: 5.1/10 because I am liking myself mostly today

Bonus, almost cliched, track: Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire

MP3 links for a few
Nedelle: The Natural Night
bang sugar bang: The Machine Gun Song
Okkervil River: For Real

edit: I confirmed tickets to The Ponys for tonight. Let's see how they sound in a smaller venue, huzzah!


At 8/18/2005 8:49 AM, Blogger Pinko Punko said...

You just made a believer out of yourpiratoverlord. While she never posts at Three Bulls! she has a friggin big HEART for okkervil river. You need to look them up on the web, they have a really cool animated video, and from what I have heard of the album, its actually pretty good- it goes beyond good/solid/indie.


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